Stainless steel endurance canopy

by:GWX     2020-08-27

middle and small types of engineering often used endurance plate canopy, stainless steel is mainly used in high-rise building exterior wall, interior and exterior columns coated, armrest, floor, the elevator wall inside and outside decoration and artifacts such as doors and Windows, curtain wall and so on, and then into a ceiling mounting plates collocation, & # 39; 'PC board plastic material is import new materials, has a high concentration of UV, UV co-extrusion layer can be completely blocking ultraviolet damage to plank, prolong the service life of the plate. Is mainly used in municipal construction, home decoration, and business application requirements, such as plate strong impact resistance, light weight and easy installation, anti-aging, uv protection. Environmental protection, beautiful appearance, convenient processing, simple, transparent, beautiful is your trust of choice.

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