Sun plate endurance plate cold bending radius

by:GWX     2020-08-25

in the construction and installation, according to the needs of the project will be the sunshine board, endurance plate bending. Bending need to calculate the cold bending radius, when the PC plate cold bending radius does not reach the size of the corresponding PC board will likely to burst, so when installation requires careful calculation, select the thickness of the plank.

cold bending, the bending direction of the sun must be perpendicular to the direction of plate edge reinforcement, sun plate cold bending radius is more than 175 times the plate thickness, the thickness of 3 mm below the endurance plate cold bending radius is more than 100 times the plate thickness, endurance of more than 3 mm thickness plate cold bending radius 175 times greater than the plate thickness. PC plate cold bending radius calculation formula: R is greater than or equal to 8 1/2 h + m2 / h ( R is greater than or equal to bending radius; H = high arch; M = span) 。

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