Sun plate plate installation

by:GWX     2020-08-26

PC board can be installed according to the bending configuration bending sunshine, but PC sunshine plate bending radius should not less than the small bending radius, so introduced by bending stress will not have influence on the mechanical properties of the PC sunshine board. PC sunshine board must be installed along the length direction, cannot be installed along the width direction.

cold bending, the bending direction must be in vertical direction, PC sunshine board edge reinforcement PC sunshine plate cold bending radius 175 times greater than the plate thickness. Cold bending radius calculation formula:

R = ( 1/2) h+m2/( 8h) R = bending radius h = high arch span of m =

sunshine board feature can be along the rib steel cold bending into different bending radius in the direction of the arch, not only improve the lighting area, conform to the requirements of the architecture design of bending. And improve the carrying capacity of the sunshine board, is than common glass.

in order to avoid exposure to the outside of the cleavage plane, the bending radius should not be less than listed in the table below: sunshine board small bending radius values ( Thickness of the board of small bending radius is 175 times) 。

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