Sunlight plate on the practicality of daily life

by:GWX     2020-09-26
Sunshine board basically used in high-end greenhouses in agriculture greenhouse, the greenhouse is common in the collective small high profit rate of return of greenhouse greenhouse development and investment construction, because the cost of steel structure is high, there is currently no large areas of sunshine plate rolled out application in greenhouses, but there are some high some farmers to plant insulation requirement also have forward-looking vision, such as those of greenhouse farmers use as cover material, small make up actually believe that the use of the overall time and greenhouse film together, because of the greenhouse film is a in two years, and the is a change in a decade, it is similar to buy a house is the reason of one-time payment or installment payment, the interest of the stage also is equivalent to every time change membrane material of labor costs.

in the adornment of a lot of , often used for partition, because the air shaft, transparent appearance, so more grade decoration, looks like a transparent glass grid.

the sun plate in the engineering of the most versatile, in terms of shed, the do carport level atmosphere, appearance is often used in the place such as workshop carport and bus carport, increased plant do carport beautiful degrees, plus for the corporate image. In terms of driveway entrances and exits, in lake blue , sun lake blue, for the icing on the cake. The and anticorrosive wood pavilion a combination is unique; On the roof ceiling, generally USES the transparent color, daylighting is good, strong impact resistance. Rural yard also more and more favor the , because of its flexibility and the characteristics of beautiful and use time grow pervious to light, is also more and more applied in farm yard.

the sun plate in aquaculture, at present due to the implementation of the environmental protection work, as a pollution-free green building materials is a recognised quality materials can be used in poultry breeding greenhouses.
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