Sunshine board greenhouse material how to choose?

by:GWX     2020-08-25
With the development of modern agriculture in our country, using high-grade cover material, the computer intelligent control of modern greenhouse is playing a more and more important role. For now, the world of greenhouse covering materials have thin films, glass and PC board. Among them, the PC board as a kind of using polycarbonate as the main raw material of the plate, very suitable for application in the field of greenhouse. If use PC board as a greenhouse cover material, the cost to account for one half of the total cost of greenhouse, so reasonable and targeted choose PC board is particularly important. The appearance of the greenhouse plank now on the market of various types of PC board is more, but because of the greenhouse with PC board on the environment is more complex, the requirement is high quality PC board. Specific see: whether to use the best grade polycarbonate raw materials and production process meets the requirements, the transparency of plate is high, the board have any flaws, when compared to pay attention to distinguish. Sunlight greenhouse ceiling board anti fogging greenhouse with PC board and building to deal with this is the biggest difference between the PC board. In greenhouse in winter due to the internal humidity is big, the greenhouse temperature difference between inside and outside causes moist air in greenhouse on the inner surface of the light material forming condensate or condensation. Condensation has two disadvantages: one is to form a semicircular convex mirror reflection off the sun, so as to reduce the light transmittance in greenhouse, sun block cannot be condensation a lot into the greenhouse, the indoor temperature can rise quickly, it had a great influence on the growth of plants. Second, water will drip on the petals and leaves, bring the disease, so there is no condensation prevention treatment of PC board can seriously hinder performance of greenhouse. At the same time prevent dewing processing method of PC board also has the difference, is generally adopt a prevent dewing spraying agent. Because volatile coating agent, so the condensation effect can only stay a few months time, if you want to run perennial condensation prevention effect, only in a spray before winter comes once a year, namely human consumption and environmental pollution, and now the latest prevent dewing processing method is to use a condensation silicon processing, is together at the time of production and material extrusion molding, perennial effective prevent condensation effect, and will not pollute the environment. Anti-aging treatment due to the PC board greenhouse investment big, so it is important to maintain the normal operation of greenhouse. Due to the PC board is a kind of carbon chain polymer, with the passage of time, the strong ultraviolet sunlight would lead to carbon chain rupture, PC board each performance will decline significantly, so choosing a PC board should pay attention to choose the PC board with anti-aging treatment. The outer surface of a layer of uv coating, can effectively prevent ultraviolet damage to the PC board, at the same time protect the crops from rays of sun. polycarbonate solid sheet wall outside greenhouse impact resistant ability in general PC board impact resistant ability is very strong, but also under the condition of a certain thickness to ensure that, in the hail and strong wind snow area, natural condition is poor, should choose the PC board outer wall thick. Steel structure of sunlight greenhouse ceiling board PC board due to its high strength, impact resistance, can resist wind and hail and man-made destruction, therefore very low maintenance costs. Plus PC board of longer life, don't have to change the cover material each year, save a lot of manpower material resources, and is especially suitable for modern agriculture demonstration area and large flower market and large-scale WenShiQun use.
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