Sunshine board price how many money a square?

by:GWX     2020-08-26

sunshine board price how many money a square? This question a lot of people will be asked about when to buy a PC board. So how to compare the sunshine board price or endurance plate price? Many businessmen for selfish interests will be added back to the material in the production process or domestic material as the imported raw materials, thus produce sunshine board price. There are many customers because they have no contact with sunshine board, or think we are the sun board price is too expensive, over budget or more expensive than other businesses, but little imagine the plank is used to plate production, only more than 3 years of quality assurance. So sunshine board is not the price, the more the better.

sunshine board adopts imported polycarbonate (PC) new raw material, the plate is uniformly distributed over the surface of a high concentration of UV, UV co-extrusion layer can be completely blocking ultraviolet damage to plank, prolong the service life of the plate.

sunshine board price how many money a square? Detailed consulting our customer service hotline: or click our website online customer service, on the right side of the sun board manufacturers - You close the way of purchasing consultant.

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