Sunshine board wet installation method

by:GWX     2020-08-29

plate installation method there are many kinds of the sun, the sun board manufacturers to introduce the sunshine board wet installation method.

wet installation method is mainly used for small family, peng, warehouse, parking lot, garage, station of alternative glass greenhouse, and many other occasions.

when use wet the sunshine board installation method, basic requirements is sealing sheet system to withstand a certain amount of mobile, mobile allows thermal expansion, and reduce the cohesive force between the rest of the frame and plate.

hollow plank generally recommended to use neutral silicone rubber with sunshine plate wet assembly, but to also don't notice that before use of the sealant used chemical examination, do not choose containing amine and benzoic acid amine, acid, alkaline, silicone rubber, because these plate curing agent will be corrosion, lead to plank crack, especially when there are internal stress, when choosing sealant. Besides considering chemical eligibility, inspection, whether or not compatible, extension and weather resistance, etc.

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