Take you understand PC endurance plate production, the common problems on the application!

by:GWX     2020-08-26
PC endurance plate because of its unique physical properties, and widely applied currently include the canopy, carport, ceiling, sun room, advertising light box panels, light shade, fender of production equipment, sound barriers, etc. , have become the daylighting of the fastest growing engineering plastics on the market. Today we're going to analyse the endurance plate the common problems in the production and application. 1. Light transmittance of light transmittance endurance plate: endurance plate up to 90%, and the glass was comparable to that of course due to endurance plate after many years as a result of natural erosion, uv damage, light transmittance has a certain decline. 2. Endurance plate cold bending radius: endurance plate has a certain toughness, under normal temperature can do a certain amount of bending, it is important to note the minimum bending radius is not less than 150 times their own thickness, if the board that is shaped such as particle board, grinding plate, the radius of bending radius is not less than 200 times. 3. Endurance plate hot bending: if you need endurance plate can be fixed after bending the shape of the particular need to use hot bending process, and equipment are in need of bending machine or oven equipment, after cooling can keep want bending Angle. 4. Endurance plate impact resistant ability have a fixed parameters: endurance plate of each mm thickness up to a maximum of 3 kg/cm, resistance to impact its ability to resist shock is a 150 - glass 20-300 times, it is acrylic 30 times, 2 times that of toughened glass, usually won't appear fracture cases, with no broken glass. 5. PC endurance plate heat insulation effect: PC material itself has good insulation, heat insulation effect, than the same 25% higher than that of common glass, high insulation effect, of course, for hollow PC board that sunshine board. 6. PC endurance plate temperature scope of application: endurance plate temperature scope of 40 degrees Celsius below zero to 140 degrees above freezing, in this temperature range, endurance plate performance won't have any change, it is also one of the reasons for endurance plate can be widely used. 7. Endurance plate can't put radiation: ordinary endurance plate has the characteristics of the radiation protection, but if combined with special coating can reach the effect of radiation protection.
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