Take you understand the incarnations of the PC board

by:GWX     2020-08-31
Material world, often someone says 'PC' king! Because the particularity of its structure, has now become the five engineering plastics, the fastest growing 'commonly used engineering plastics' ~ PC development brief history as early as 120 years ago, they began to study 'the polycarbonate'. In 1958, bayer company with medium size first realized the melt transesterification method to industrialized production of bisphenol A polycarbonate products named 'clone'. During this period, have to be mentioned is the two founders of Bayer Hermann Schnell Daniel and GE. For our country, until 2017 really started to have the technology. At present, about the imported raw materials, in addition to the strong, The former Bayer) And Saudi Arabia ( The former GE) , and more often we know Japan out light, Taiwan's chi mei, South Korea's samsung, Lotte chemical) And so on. For domestic manufacturers, wanhua, luxi chemical, sichuan LuTianHua, unilever benefit this a few is the representative of the domestic! Wanhua is one of the 'unicorn'! PC what is so-called PC, commonly known as 'bullet-proof glass' and 'bulletproof glue', generally refers to in the field of engineering plastics polycarbonate ( 聚碳酸酯) English abbreviations. The polycarbonate ( PC) = bisphenol A + diphenyl carbonate, chemical molecular structure including C, H, O, so green, environmental protection, no pollution has always been synonymous with PC board! For now, there is no authority to develop a unified classification standard PC. To facilitate understanding, we generally rough classification was carried out on the PC from the following several aspects: purpose, molecular weight/liquidity, the specific performance. According to use classification: CD, bucket, plank, medical grade, glasses, food grade, etc. But for many PC board manufacturers, mostly used is 'plate'. According to the classification performance, flame retardant, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, high temperature resistant, hardy, with special effects, antistatic, conductive, such as the division of these performance on select material in the company is to have cultured. After the most about the difference between old and new material plate mainly includes the following 4 points, crystal point, flexibility, transparency good plank, UV content on the selection of raw materials is also important! Introduced the raw material of the PC board was born, we next week at the same time, to know the detailed classification of PC sheet products together ~
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