The characteristics of PC endurance board and PC sunshine board have what different?

by:GWX     2020-09-23
PC endurance board and PC features: PC with PC endurance board is full of a polycarbonate extrusion molding. PC is also called the hollow board, precast beam, in plain English is right in the middle is hollow. PC endurance plate is also called the solid core board, has a 'glass' of reputation. Difference from the structure, PC board have single sunshine, two layer, and double layers and is hollow. PC board is single solid core. Difference from the net weight, because of the is hollow, material is relatively less, so as its thickness and area of endurance plate than weighs a lot. Sunshine board and endurance plate on many levels of main purpose is the same, but there is a difference, PC board has good insulation heat preservation effect, sunshine is generally used in sports venues daylighting top, vegetable greenhouses daylighting canopy, warehouse lighting, carport canopy. PC endurance plate has impact resistance, high resolution, it is a PC board can not analogy by sunshine. Endurance plate is used for making large shield, outdoor advertising light box, shielding, decoration and so on widely. So when choosing a PC , PC endurance plate as according to their own specific applications and requirements to choose from.
PC board and the characteristics of PC
1. polycarbonate solid sheet than endurance plate, plate and sun heat insulation is better than endurance plate, easy to cold drawing, easy tailoring;

2。 Sun plate light transmittance than endurance plate lower, but the balcony on package life for low light transmittance is actually a good thing, I heard that do daylighting is very good, with dark gray is not easy to summer is very hot, and through the light is not very hue;

3。 Endurance plate acoustic noise reduction work ability better than ;

4。 If use the as far as possible with the better quality, all in all a life the balcony also is not how much money, more poor board is very easy to bad, got all KuLongYan, into the ash so dirty;

5。 Endurance plate is solid core, the one side of the transparent endurance plate light transmittance can achieve 89%, similar to sandwich glass, and resistance to impact force is generally glass of 200 a few times, can be used to make outdoor advertising light boxes, bus stops, riot shields, etc. ;

6. Sun plate is hollow shape, 'work' word structure and the 'm' word on the second floor three-layer sunlight panel and the 'work' word structure hollow plate sunshine, lighting can be used to warehouse roof, stadium lighting, greenhouses canopy, etc. ;

7。 Also its thickness and area of the endurance of board than much heavier.
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