The choice of building greenhouses endurance plate

by:GWX     2020-09-03

greenhouses are becoming more common, especially in the north, greenhouses is primarily employed endurance plate structures, and many people will choose in choosing its endurance plate quality good endurance plate, use new material production endurance plate not only prevent atomization strong sex, heat preservation sex is strong, and not like poor endurance plate, using 1 to 2 years, the phenomenon of the weather or broken.

actually build greenhouses choose endurance plate also due to the following:

1, the new raw material: endurance plate is pervious to light, impact resistant, light weight, flame retardant, sound insulation, weather resistance, etc. All these advantages, but you know what has these advantages are? If you want to have more advantages, so your endurance plate production of raw materials must be new, or use recycle material production endurance plate, not only has the characteristics of the above, but also very short service life.
2, UV radiation protection layer: it is well known that the reaction of the weathering objects, is closely connected with the sun's ultraviolet radiation damage, endurance plate etiolation, weathering the resulting. UV radiation protection layer can effectively resist ultraviolet radiation damage, with the sun's ultraviolet UV layer calculation of 5 micron, each year if 50 microns UV co-extrusion endurance plate surface layer, can ensure the endurance plate use ten years, or even not become yellow.
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