The daylighting of the PC board roof design what are the requirements?

by:GWX     2020-09-25
PC board the daylighting of the top is a commonly used way of design, many buildings are mainly used in office building at the top and the hotel atrium, appearance fully, the atmosphere, have very good lighting effect. So when we were at the top of the PC board lighting design should pay attention to what requirements?

  1. Strength: refers to the PC board daylighting top against the wind, Snow) Load capacity, attention should be paid to the regional wind speed value, the corresponding wind pressure value, and snow pressure values.

  2. Seismic performance: PC board daylighting top under seismic action, the damage is varied. This from the glass daylighting roof itself seismic design consideration, main PC board daylighting top to consider and the connection of the reliability of the main bearing body, and to consider the PC board daylighting disobey one's superior extrusion deformation. To increase the use of the PC board thickness.

  3. Insulation performance; PC board on the top of the light heat preservation performance is refers to the skylight ceiling exists inside and outside air temperature conditions, the glass daylighting roof impedance from the hot side to the low temperature side heat transfer capacity, as well as transmission and absorption after sun radiate to heat up to the inside of the heat transfer capability. PC board can be - 40 ℃ to 120 ℃ scope to keep the stability of the physical indicators.

  4. Sound insulation performance: the PC board sound insulation effect is obvious, than the same thickness of glass and acrylic board have better sound insulation, the thickness under the same conditions, the sound insulation quantity of PC board 3 - greater than that of the glass 4 db。 In the other should be taken into account in the design: fire prevention design, prevent hail ( Shock) Performance, and lightning protection design.

the above is our small make up to you to introduce about the PC board on the top of the lighting design requirements, the introduction of hope we can help you, if you want to learn more about the knowledge of the PC board, you can visit our website, we will provide you with more professional information.
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