The development of PC particle board in China

by:GWX     2020-08-27

the development of PC particle board in China, mainly embodied in the following aspects: first, the demand of construction market from the point of the current construction project area, every year there are about 1. 6 billion square meters building occupancy put into use, according to the account for 10% of particle board, there should be a 16000 - square - meter particle board. Particle board as doors and Windows, office partition, such as building are cannot be underestimated, this can significantly reduce the use of wood, now all over the world in the initiative environmental protection, reduce the use of wood would be reduced by logging, PC particle board is not only environmental protection material can also be used in place of wood, our living environment, to guarantee the with forest of our environment is the umbrella. Second, consumers psychological needs the development of China's particle board, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the use of particle board, family decorate already has the pursuit of a certain level, has been far from satisfied with the scene of the original production, at the same time to decorate our house, is the pursuit of a more comfortable, more products, because of the particle board products have a lot of other products irreplaceable advantages, its heat preservation, sound insulation and so on various aspects are ideal, far better than other materials. So as to improve the level of consumption, and the pursuit of wood door of this product, so make the PC board industry forward.

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