The difference between PC endurance plate and PET endurance plate

by:GWX     2020-09-04

PC board and PET endurance plate is easy to confuse in our daily life, although similar names but differences in the use of purpose and function. This article is to tell you today distinguish these two kinds of material under different methods.
1。 First of all in the name of the

PC board in Chinese means carbon ester, PET sheet in Chinese means: poly plastic,

2. PC endurance plate and PET endurance plate how to distinguish?

endurance plate in distinguishing between PC and PET endurance plate can from three aspects to compare.

the first, the use of scalding water. Will be hot plate with high temperature water or fire, will be able to easily distinguish two kinds of materials. PC material plate at high temperature will not change.

second, flexibility test. The flexibility of the PE sheet is not good, but very durable, can withstand a lot of pressure test.

the third, the material aspect. PC material relatively no PET high transparency.
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