The industry development of polycarbonate?

by:GWX     2020-08-29
2020. 08. 06, PC raw materials, Polycarbonate) The arrival of the goods successfully! Polycarbonate ( Polycarbonate, hereinafter referred to as PC) Is molecular chain containing carbonate base polymer, is colorless transparent solid, strong transparency after PMMA and PS, light transmittance can reach 89%, tasteless, non-toxic, good color, can be made into all kinds of colorful products. Polycarbonate ( PC) With polyamide ( PA) , polyformaldehyde ( POM) , thermal plastic polyester ( PBT) , polyphenylene ether ( PPO) And known as the five major engineering plastics, of which the PC is five fastest-growing general engineering plastics engineering plastics, widely used in automotive, construction, packaging, medical care, household goods, aerospace and other fields. 01 polycarbonate production compound growth rate of more than 20% in recent years, with the major of polycarbonate production project construction, greatly improve the domestic production of PC (polycarbonate), the industry ushered in the new development opportunity. According to China association of synthetic resin supply and marketing polycarbonate branch, 2013 polycarbonate production in our country is only 27. 70000 tons, and the scale of 2018 annual output reached 730000 tons, annual output 2018 growth of 15. 9%, China has become the world's first producer of polycarbonate. 2013 - Compound growth of 21, 2018. 4%, according to the calculated polycarbonate production in China is about 890000 tons in 2019. 02 demand of polycarbonate maintained rapid growth in recent years, with the rapid development of national economy, our country, the demand for polycarbonate is also continued to grow, in 2019 China polycarbonate ( PC) Apparent consumption of 2. 18 million tons, an increase of 15. 8%. 03 key raw material for bisphenol A production supply polycarbonate ( PC) Upstream oil and gas, chemical industry, main raw materials include: phosgene, DMC, bisphenol A, downstream including automotive, construction, packaging, health care, household goods, aerospace and other industries. Global bisphenol A capacity mainly concentrated in Asia, Western Europe, North America and other regions. The largest Asian capacity distribution, which accounts for 64% of the world. Now China is the largest country in the global capacity of bisphenol A, by the end of 2019, China bisphenol A total capacity of up to 173. 50000 tons. Main production enterprises including bisphenol A strong, SABIC, such as the United States John sen, Formosa plastics group, LG chem. Strong, SABIC, the United States in 2019 John sen, Formosa plastics group, LG chemical production share respectively 21%, 19%, 10%, 9%, 9%. 04 in the next downstream demand will remain slow growth in the next few years domestic polycarbonate in electronic electrical, automotive, home appliance, medical and other fields application will maintain 4% The growth rate of 6%. Sheet and packaging in the areas of growth and the country's infrastructure and related laws and regulations construction, is expected to maintain 3% The growth rate of 5%. As the cloud storage and 5 g new storage mode and the development of high-speed networks, such as optical media market will continue to shrink. Overall, consumption growth is sluggish, industry into the low speed development period.
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