The influencing factors of PC sunshine board fixed number of year of the warranty

by:GWX     2020-09-25
Since the 21st century, PC board more and more be used in various industries, including agriculture greenhouse, architectural lighting, road construction, advertising pages, and so on. Wide attention by customers for one word from the page: 'warranty period', many customers due to the low perception of PC board, a man who knows one second, most think the warranty period only associated with plate material used in the production, actually this kind of understanding is wrong, so what are the factors affecting PC sunshine board fixed number of year of the warranty? Good, small make up give you a more detailed analysis.

we headed to the theme, the influencing factors of PC sunshine board fixed number of year of the warranty in accordance with the extent of the impact of the size of the main four: gram the production of raw materials, plate thickness, plate, UV layer. Entered the customer may only know the raw material layer and UV enough, in fact sheet thickness and gram weight can greatly influence the service life of the plate, let's analyze one by one.

  1. Raw material

this factor is very easy to explain, the PC sunshine board available in the market generally have ten years warranty, five-year warranty, three-year warranty three kinds of specifications, usually ten years warranty, PC board with sunshine are new materials, and five years, three years of different degrees of mixed with secondary utilization of recycled material. For recycling material for long time plate sunlight and natural weathering, the polycarbonate structure by a certain degree of aging damage, cause attenuation to speed up the aging of material itself, and shorter service life.

  2. Plate thickness

plate thickness, so the name of the PC sunshine board is too thin for compressive strength ( The external environment of some hard pressure) Ability is reduced, and even its own have a UV coating to protect its own anti-aging ability will reduce, so usually less than 5 mm PC sunshine board manufacturers will not issue a fixed number of year of the ten years of quality assurance.

  3. Plank g

gram mean the weight per square meter PC sunshine plate, people may ask that same why gram weight of the raw materials used by the difference, it is easy to understand, because the sun plate is hollow the single-layer thickness and stare blankly muscle thickness are related to the dosage of the PC raw materials, natural can appear gram deviation, combining with the above its service life would also be affected.

  4. UC coating

in order to ensure no yellowing sunshine board, its upper surface need 50 microns UV layer co-extrusion, block UV damage, so as to achieve the effect of anti-aging, ten years without UV protection layer of PC board after years of sunlight will appear a certain degree of light transmittance yellowing aging effect and service life, natural quality assurance period will be reduced.

this is we give a detailed analysis, here we remind customer, when buying sheet must use formal channels and PC board manufacturer, from illegal businessmen in the above four factors make an issue of violation of your interest!
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