The installation of the PC board need to pay attention to what?

by:GWX     2020-09-24
PC board is our life, we all know that the plastic construction products, used to better play the effect of the PC board is we need to use a better installation methods for installation of the PC board, then let us small make up to tell you how to install the PC board.

screw installation method

1: screw or rivet hole when installation, plate hole diameter should be 50% larger than the diameter of a bolt or rivet and sheet for heat bilges cold shrink when produce displacement. Prohibit any direct the practice of opening at the same time retaining screw or rivet, unable to reserve space heat bilges cold shrink.

2: plank on the drilling, hole and the hole spacing shoulds not be too much, nor too small. Spacing is accumulated large, thermal expansion and the reserved space is not enough; Small spacing must be seriously limits the movement of the plates, causing stress concentration. If time allows thermal expansion to bend, can offset part of the stress.

3: normally on the plank of drilling, hole spacing in 50 cm more appropriate, the distance of the hole and the edge of the plate above suggestion in 3 ~ 5 cm.

4: rivet head diameter should be 2 times larger than the shank diameter, and combined with the gasket or washers, avoid the local big damage of the pressure plate.

5: screw shoulds not be too tight, avoid fracturing plate, with a fixed sheet after allowing a slight displacement as well.

6: unfavorable use PVC gaskets or bituminous waterproof tape, because of their precipitation chemical additives may cause chemical etching of plank, lead to crack of plate surface, even burst.

7: cold bending processing, the bending part to avoid using screws. All the pore structure of neutral silicone sealant filled, in order to prevent the detergent into the sheet edge effect.


1: because of low stiffness, so under the action of external force into the framework of PC board flexure, increase embedded in the frame size can avoid deflection, under the condition of impact, PC endurance plate may fall off from the framework, in this case can choose embedded depth, change with thick plate, or with the method of the screws.

2: because of the larger thermal expansion coefficient, the framework of want to reserve a thermal expansion space. If there isn't enough thermal expansion of space, can increase plate thickness to reduce the embedded parts.

3: according to the load to choose suitable plate thickness.

the above is our small make up for your introduction about the PC board installation method, the introduction of hope we can help you, if you want to learn more about the knowledge of the PC board, you can visit our website, we will provide you with more professional information.

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