The matters needing attention before installing the PC endurance plate

by:GWX     2020-09-26
Characterized by the absence of resistance to collision, playing PC endurance plate of broken, the intensity is high, before installation should pay attention to what issues? This period, small make up for all analysis notes before installing PC endurance plate.

note: before installing PC endurance plate

1, the need to open the first before installation, the pig and let stand for 24 hours, because the PC endurance plate is curly when shipped.
2, before cutting PC board, remember to tag on protective film, or use crayons, avoid to use sharp tool marks, prompting the board face destruction.
3, cut PC endurance plate, with a chainsaw open world, keep the edge flush, because of the sawtooth shape especially easy to cause endurance plate stress cracking.
4, must have the professional tools to drilling, but also to keep the punch edge is bright and clean and tidy, because a zigzag particularly likely to cause stress cracking.
5, input closed on PC board edge processing, other part can use block dust but breathable tape processing, but the leakage in the air, you need to use tape block dust and water vapor.

the above is to install the PC endurance plate before the matters needing attention. If you need to know the PC endurance plate for more information, or would like to place an order for our PC endurance plate, can be directly contact with our company.
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