The more beautiful the PC board, the choice of the games venues

by:GWX     2020-08-26

PC board refers to the sheet processed with PC material, including PC sunshine board, PC endurance board, etc. , are widely used in the construction of sports venues, is a new environmental protection material. Every major sporting event, not only is a festival of competitive sports, is a science and technology intelligence display platform, is also the extension of low carbon environmental protection way of life, sun plate and endurance plate has become the important materials of various kinds of sports venues and the subway construction. From the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 to 2010 in the Asian games are reflected the low carbon environmental protection, the games for the world to show not just the youth and vitality, and the continuous development of the city science and technology innovation and new low-carbon development path selection. The 26th universiade held in shenzhen this city full of creativity, like 'spring cocoon' the shenzhen bay sports its roofing system adopted at present on a structure form of novel, applied in the construction of the system of vertical metal side whipstitch waterproof technology, and USES the environmental protection and energy saving material, reflect the low carbon energy saving building concept. Games venues peripheral protection engineering modelling is complex, including glass sheet and polycarbonate roofing, application of a wide variety of new energy-saving materials, waterproof performance is high, the main stadium roof adopted the world's first new polycarbonate plate roofing system, successfully solved the polycarbonate plate temperature deformation and system waterproof worldwide difficult problem, also good embodiment of modern low-carbon life.

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