'The PC board' a strong hit, have what you want is that a ~

by:GWX     2020-08-27
PC board also called polycarbonate sheet, is a kind of excellent comprehensive performance engineering plastics, has excellent physical, mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties, known as the 'king of the transparent plastic'. Because of its many unique advantages in construction, once launched, the PC board is fast becoming the building materials industry 'to be bestowed favor on newly'. Here, let's get together to understand the PC board! Currently widely used PC board on market basically has the following kinds: PC sunshine board, PC endurance board, PC. PC sunshine board there will be more subdivision category, like double hollow hollow sunshine sunshine board, four layer board, honeycomb shape sunshine board, and so on. General PC sunshine board is mainly used for lighting and thermal insulation, plus it can bend, impact resistant properties derived some of the more widely used. Daylighting is the main application for agricultural greenhouse, ecological restaurant, cover material, including double sunshine board and four levels of sunshine board, to prevent droplets technology is the best cover material for agricultural greenhouse. Another extension of the daylighting is architectural lighting, such as gymnasium, construction plant, roof, etc. , generally considering the impact resistance, heat preservation and the service life of the problem, usually with four layers, cellular, or more complex structure of hollow plate sunshine. Because the sunshine board has excellent flexibility, color diversity and impact resistance and other advantages, so whether shade, block rain canopy, carport, or sports center stadium and other places, the sun plate are excellent cover material. Including some of the other edge application, we'll first differ a list, as the price of the PC sunshine board in the future, performance is more accepted by people, believe there will be more market was developed by us. The daylighting of the PC endurance plate application partly overlapping and sunshine board, including agricultural greenhouse, ecological restaurant, architectural lighting, curtain wall, etc. , and the shortcomings of endurance plate prices much higher than sunshine board. Because PC solid endurance plate has more stronger than the sunshine board a lot of performance, including lighting, impact resistance and other properties are far more than the sunshine board, so its application field of derivatives are much more abundant than sunshine board, including light shade, sound barriers, enclosures, light diffusion advertising light boxes, police shield, building curtain wall, basketball board, and other more deep processing products. Although expensive, but is referred to as 'not' broken glass 'bullet-proof security' PC endurance plate with its high impact, high transparency, and many other incomparable advantages, in the near future, perhaps the best emerging environmental protection plate will come into our every family, become an integral part of building materials.
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