The sunshine board and glass which is better?

by:GWX     2020-08-25
Sunshine board almost every household we have at present, some people also think plate glass and sunshine they two difference is not big, some people even think that can replace the sunlight plate glass. Then, the sunlight plate and glass which good? Where the difference between these two, to give you look at the below. A glass, glass is a kind of transparent material, it is a hybrid of solid materials, after heating, melting and other projects, and then after cooling process, finally became a kind of non-metallic materials. Mainly of silica glass material, it is used for the Windows of the house, and some buildings, wind, can prevent lights come in, etc. But the glass is fragile, can't crash, also not hard, you just make some effort, it would be easy to be broken, is not very useful. Second, the is a kind of high performance products, the main ingredients like endurance plate, polycarbonate, and these ingredients processed became the , it can be waterproof, windproof, avoid the storm. Also prevent ultraviolet ray, prevent bask in, with room without heat, don't be afraid of hot, no heat. Special anticollision, generally not crashed crushed it, are particularly hard, no special circumstances, don't fell it. Still can prevent condensation, condensation prevention, to prevent did advantage and function, and so on. If I buy is good, your , its time is very long warranty, can be used more than ten years. Sunshine board USES a wide range: landscape, recreational places singular gallery pavilion decoration and resting places; Commercial buildings, both inside and outside decoration; A telephone booth, advertising signs, light box advertising, display exhibition arrangement; Wall, roof, screen and other high-end interior decoration materials; Carport, canopy, greenhouse; Planting greenhouses breeding greenhouse covering materials; Lighting ceiling and so on.
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