The type of PC board and efficacy is what?

by:GWX     2020-09-23
Today we will learn together to PC board type and efficacy, looking forward to help everyone.
PC board type and efficacy in detail
1, packaging and printing special PC board: strong, highly transparent, beautiful and easy, can printing equipment, share with special packaging and printing, hats, badges, name plate, confinement, etc.

2, blister dedicated PC board: with poly carbonate ( PC) PC board to plate, the high temperature vacuum molding. Companies into overseas promotion doyen machine equipment and technical, professional heat treatment technology PC plastic board, the commodity characteristics: lighter weight, high compressive strength, impact resistance, not broken, exobiology and keep out ultraviolet radiation, light function is good, no fading, outdoor applications throughout the long warranty time.

3, PC board for sheet metal bending: can processing equipment: single PC board can use blister forming machine and working pressure molding in production and processing a variety of modelling design products, two layers of PC board can also be carried out in normal temperature state of cold bending forming. Can be in accordance with the design drawings on the construction site selection method of cold bending on the spot, installation into a curved, half circular top and a window. To choose plate bending radius 100 times of its thickness, can also be bending processing.
4, advertising light box dedicated PC board: main use: advertising light boxes, LED display, lighting lamps and lanterns, etc.

the advantages of the PC board:

(1) confidentiality is better than general advertising exhibition stand, negative advertising lighting unit is not easy projected onto the surface.

2 all appropriate light source, such as: LED, neon lights, these gold electric level.

(3) weight is lighter, high temperature resistant, and strong.

(4) high resistance to ageing will ensure long-term use.

5] easy production and processing forming.

[6] environmental protection.

once jin xiu.

5, flame retardant PC board: this product series with good surface smoothness, good temperature tolerance, self-extinguishing, impact function quality, smaller thermal expansion coefficient, specification not disorderly, the function of electric resistance than chemical function quality, resistance to fatigue compressive strength is good, accord with European Union ROHS command and rigorous UL safety specification, UL94 flame retardant grade levels do where V0, V2, HB, widely used to electronics, household appliances, chassis, panel switches, terminal blocks and charger shell, the car instrument equipment and have flame retardancy regulation control panel of the packaging and printing, etc.

6, electronic optical PC sheet, plastic film, the product series of relativity in general PC board its thickness is thinner and higher resolution, type more abundant, except for the engineering and construction level, more can widely used in electronic electrical, automotive, aerospace and high precision electronics manufacturing and other special industry production, reasonably make up the gap in the field of domestic rubber products, electronic optical thick general is 1 PC. 5 mm, of the following is different for the main purpose of divided into different level, general level PC main use is common, its weight is lighter, high-definition, reasonable save the cost and development of the raw materials using the use value.
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