The use of PC endurance plate fixed number of year is how long?

by:GWX     2020-09-01

the use fixed number of year of PC board
10 years quality assurance refers to the light transmittance drop 6% 10 years, the yellow index change less than 6. This is plastic not too aging index. Means good endurance plate after 10 years of physical and mechanical performance is little, basic will not affect usability. Foreign PC endurance plate USES basically is 20 years of age.

good PC board, want to rely on equipment, technology, raw material, the detection means, etc. In general import equipment uv co-extrusion layer thickness is more even, use fixed number of year will be longer.
endurance plate note

when installation, construction organizers must will protective film on the printed text and matters needing attention to understand clearly, and explain to operators, paying special attention to standard which facing out. Never mistake packing. Endurance plate for polycarbonate transparent board name of commodity, hereinafter referred to as the PC board, is widely used in the world of a kind of high strength, light, sound insulation, energy saving of new decorative material. It has a lightweight, weather resistance, strong, the excellent properties of flame retardant, sound insulation, architectural design, decoration engineering, environmental engineering, has been widely accepted by the advertising industry. Endurance plate sales in the international market is growing at 20% a year, as the escalation of domestic architecture.
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