The wave plate installation considerations

by:GWX     2020-08-27

wave plate installation note:

before the installation and the installation process, don't tread on the wave plate directly.

install with UV resistant layer side outwards.

if before cutting lines, as marked on the protective film, such as marked on the board directly, please use crayons, should avoid to use sharp tool mark.

when installing position, square with the direction of the rib purlin.

with wet cement surface contact with acid and alkaline material surface.

with organic solvent and in contact with its composed of glue, paint.

PC wave plate surface dust, dirt generally start with a soft cloth or sponge stick neutral cleaner is brushed try, reoccupy clear water is rinsed thoroughly.

the reserved space, and pay attention to the embedding depth. Expansion value = * length * big temperature linear expansion coefficient values ( The linear expansion coefficient of the PC board 7 x 10 - 5毫米/ mm /℃)

must be used when cutting electric tools ( Tungsten carbide saw blade) ; When carrying vital to avoid vibration plate fixation; Don't tear the protective film while cutting.

use neuter glass glue and suitable gasket material, do not use PVC material.

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