Understanding the PC film structure

by:GWX     2020-09-27
Along with the progress of The Times, in order to adapt to the trend of The Times, is a kind of PC film, but many buyers ask PC film is what? Then we will introduce.

PC board manufacturer introduce panel PC film composition structure

PC film manufacturer production PC panel _ film panel structure is divided into five layers first, panels, circuit layer, rubber, rubber, rubber cover on the back.

one layer, the panel. Panel layer is in commonly less than 0. 25 mm of PET, PC, such as colorless transparent sheet manufactured exquisite pictures and text on screen printing, because the primary role of panel layer is the logo and key role, so choose materials must have high transparency, high ink adhesion, high elasticity, prevent fold, etc.

2, circuit layer. Used in control circuit of the upper and the lower layer, function of this layer selects the outstanding polyester film as the carrier of the switching circuit graphics and on top of it using special technology of screen printing on the silver paste carbon plasma or gold slurry has the conductive function.

3, respectively. It is in the circuit and the circuit on effect of sealing and the connection between layers, generally choose PET double-sided adhesive, when choosing this layer material, all thickness of the goods should be considered, and the insulation, circuit button bag handle and sealing.

4, cushion rubber cover. Cushion rubber layer is the role of the first panel is closely linked with the circuit layer, in order to achieve the role of sealing and connecting, it has high viscosity and the aging together. In addition, if the goods have special requirements, cushion rubber also must be used according to need and different nature of the data.

five, the rubber on the back. Selection of gum and membrane switch panel and what kind of material stick closely related, contrast often choose a ordinary double-sided adhesive, 3 m glue, waterproof glue, etc.

the above is our PC board manufacturer an introduction of the PC board, hope to help you. Our enterprise to serve the customer requirements, to provide customers with comprehensive facilities, life provides the convenience for the customer.
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