Use PC endurance plate the note

by:GWX     2020-08-28
PC endurance plate installation method correctly will directly affect the service life of the endurance plate, improper use will shorten the life. Endurance plate manufacturers to introduce below, some matters needing attention in the process of using PC endurance plate: it is necessary to install the steel structure frame, balance, to prevent the plate formation damage due to the cause of the skeleton of endurance. Clean the metal frame, absolutely not have oil or chemical substances such as acid and alkali cleaning fluid residue on the framework, Wet paint it is forbidden to install) 。 When installing a solid endurance plate, the plate and plate joint, it is necessary to reserve according to the plate dimensions thermal expansion gap and thermal expansion coefficient of 0. 065 mm/m ℃, self tapping screw, rivets and other fixed directly through the plank. When must through, it is necessary on the plate the hole diameter is greater than the self-tapping screw rivets or 100% of the diameter of the expanded hole, drop self-drilling screw or rivet by extending the center hole, to ensure that the plate can ease elasticity in arbitrary direction. Reserved expansion of space, space size can be calculated by the next type: expansion value = * length * maximum temperature linear expansion coefficient and linear expansion coefficient as a fixed value = 7 x 15 5 ( cm/cm. ) 。 When installing endurance plate sheet must will have a UV co-extrusion UV protection layer membrane for the maintenance of text toward the outside, must not put wrong, the installation is complete set immediately after the jie in addition to the maintenance of membrane, prevent the maintenance after the sun insolates membrane plate adhesion and endurance. In order to avoid the PC endurance plate scratch, do not tear the protective film when cutting. As much as possible, if must sign marking before cutting, marking on the protective film, such as must be marked on the board directly, please use crayons, should avoid to use sharp tool mark. After the installation is complete, can tear protective film. Endurance plate before installation should be open about 30 mm from marginal scale maintenance of membrane, it is forbidden to maintain membrane under pressure in the profile, then cut open the maintenance membrane jie membrane method. Endurance plate are there cannot be any part of the scratches. Endurance plate open section or waterproof breathable duct tape with aluminum foil tape, avoid water vapor dust and insects into the empty, affect the endurance degree of transparency and beautiful. Truncated when using power tools saw blades for tungsten carbide material, best to plate fixed to avoid vibration cutting. Endurance plate winding should be the focus on the direction, must not transverse twists and turns. Winding radius for solid endurance plate thickness plate winding radius to thickness of 175 times the same. Parts banned screwed plank twists and turns. PC endurance plate bending required if used, radius of curvature radius of its construction should be greater than allowed. Allow the calculation method of radius of curvature: outdoor use - — Allow the radius of curvature ( R) Need more than thickness of more than 180 times. Indoor use - — Allow the radius of curvature ( R) Need more than thickness of more than 150 times. Prevent endurance plate and chemical solvent, solution and volatile gas keep touch, if choose the paint thinners dilution spray endurance plate racks, it is necessary to take the paint is completely dry before the installation of endurance plate, ban with thinner diluted paint brush installed endurance plate steel skeleton. PC endurance plate surface dust, dirt general first with a soft cloth or sponge stick neutral cleaner is wiped, reoccupy clear water is rinsed thoroughly, and finally with soft dry cloth. When if you want to use solvent cleaning, bear in mind that most of the solvents, such as toluene, acetone, petrol, carbon tetrachloride, etc. , will be damage to the PC board, must not be used. Recommended for PC endurance plate for alcohol solvent, such as alcohol or isopropyl alcohol. New buildings in cement is not completely dry before, do not direct contact with the PC endurance plate, otherwise the alkali in cement can destroy the PC endurance plate.
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