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by:GWX     2020-08-27

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with the rapid development of Chinese market PC board industry, more and more enterprise among the wave plate here, in the same way, as the wave plate factory, has been continuously explore and innovation, the Chinese people is the demand of the people of the world and the study use characteristic, introducing more and more suitable for customers and meet beautiful study of wave plate, thus get more and more customers trust and support.

in 2014, launched three wave plate: 930 - 79 - 16, 810 - 76 - 16, 840 - 210 - 26 wave because of this, three new style, fashion and practical, won the majority of customers. In October 2014, zhongshan businesses in the company purchasing model is 840 - 210 - 26 wave plate, used for building roof ceiling. Because they chose the wave plate factory, return is high quality, reasonable price and thoughtful service.

- - To become the wave plate manufacturers.

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