What about the lead time of solid polycarbonate roofing from placing a order to delivery?
Our lead times vary depending on material availability and production queue. We have several options to expedite the process if the project calls for it. An Guangdong Guoweixing Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd representative can give you an accurate estimate based on the specifics of your project. Lead time is an extremely important factor when choosing a supplier for manufacturing solid polycarbonate roofing . does a good job in lead time. The pursuit of lead time adds our customer's satisfaction.

Guoweixing is known as a professional supplier and manufacturer of frosted acrylic sheet. has diverse products and we will show you the main products of polycarbonate film series below. light diffusion polycarbonate sheet is a standard polycarbonate sheet price especially designed for polycarbonate sheet price. The size of GWX's polycarbonate sheets can be customized. . GWX's design team will analyze the feasibility and cost of your customized project.

The service accomplishments of GWX needs to be achieved by professional staff. Ask!
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