What are the advantages of PC lock gusset plate?

by:GWX     2020-09-02
PC lock gusset plate unique advantages: 1, PC lock gusset plate set excellent properties, such as lighting, heat insulation and high strength. 2, PC gusset plate plate provides a lightweight, non thermal expansion problem and the leak proof design, able to withstand very high load. U system many advantages make it a multiple choice of project use for a long time. 3, PC lock gusset plate unique U connection and free floating structure, which can enhance the ability to resist the external force, solve the problem of heat bilges cold shrink to 100% impervious leaking. 4, PC lock U connection structure of gusset plate to make the whole building load loss, can increase the span of the dragon bones or reduce the support frame is strong, can even the self structure saves the scaffold. Higher impact strength. 5, PC lock gusset plate consists of two parts, the installation is very simple and quick. Adopt U lock structure sunshine board for all the whole roof system transparent polycarbonate material imported, the awning without using screws. Aluminum layering and sealing glue, it is very beautiful and easy.
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