What are the application of PC film in life?

by:GWX     2020-09-26
PC film this product believe everyone is strange, in fact in our life we lock PC film producing products can be seen everywhere. So what's the application PC film in life? Follow below small make up together to get to know next!

  1. First say is flame retardant PC film: this film is mainly used in electric power system insulation as well as disk drives, keyboard insulation insulation and TV or monitor insulation, computer motherboard insulation. Very widely used in electronic components and electrical shell, switch panel and junction box and charger shell, automotive instrumentation, and a flame retardant requirements of a panel printing, etc.

  2. Printing level frosted PC board: this is suitable for use in special printing and helmets and signs, nameplate, shield, etc.

3. Scratch-resistant flowers PC film use: mobile phone and MP4, and electronic products such as DVD, back light window lens.
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