What are the classification and USES PC film?

by:GWX     2020-09-27
PC film is short for polycarbonate film, the thinnest of 0. 3 mm thick, it is a kind of amorphous and odourless, non-toxic, highly transparent colorless or yellowish thermoplastic engineering plastics, has excellent physical and mechanical properties. Then let us to introduce you to small make up PC film classification and USES.

PC film sheet can be divided into:

1 transparent PC film sheet: printing, optical, electroplating grade;

2 color frosted PC film: medium sand/matte, fine sand/matte, glossy/matte, glossy/medium sand, glossy/fine;

3 green fire flame retardant PC board: transparent fire flame retardant PC, color frosted halogen-free flame retardant fire PC, halogen-free flame retardant fire PC, black black with halogen flame retardant fire PC, white halogen free flame retardant fire PC;

4 single hardened ( Scratch-resistant) The PC.

5 wiredrawing PC film.

PC film sheet purposes are:

1, flame retardant PC main insulation can be used in disk drives, keyboard film insulation, insulation, insulation, main insulation monitor TV, etc.

2, printing frosted PC film is suitable for the special printing, helmet, signs, cover, etc.

3, scratch-resistant flowers PC film use: mobile phones, MP3, MP4, DVD, electronic products such as window lens

the above is our small make up for your introduction about PC film classification and USES, the introduction of hope we can help you, if you want to learn more about the knowledge of the PC film, you can visit our website, we will provide you with more professional information.
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