What are the important application advantages PC board?

by:GWX     2020-09-26
Now, the PC board is a new standard of transparent material, like glass. It is a solid, durable, impact resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion, fire-resistant flexible material, already have a place in a variety of applications. Let us know that the PC board some important application in this article.

the daylighting of the PC board quality

although PC is a kind of transparent material, but is less than glass into light. Although this looks like a disadvantage, but actually not. This is because the PC light bring fewer but better. Glass absorbed all the sunshine, make the space is very bright. But the PC only absorbs not harmful ultraviolet radiation that part of the sun. This is because the PC board side with uv coating, can prevent ultraviolet (uv) radiation. Therefore, the only safe sun can enter indoor. In addition, the glass will bring direct light, bright light focusing on certain areas of the space, and make the other area become dull, lack of sunlight. On the other hand, the PC will introduce scattering light, make the light evenly scattered in the whole space. All in all, the PC will introduce appropriate uniform, sun illuminates the space properly. This amazing performance makes PC today to build a greenhouse and the popular materials of sun room.

the strength of the PC board

PC light weight, but strength is extremely high. It is half the weight of the glass, but the impact resistance is 200 times as much! Can you imagine the combination of this amazing? This particular combination of the PC can be used for various applications, such as optical wear, bulletproof window, police shield, etc.

the flexibility of the PC board

PC is soft and durable, can be easily shaped into various shapes. Glass can only be used to make flat or inclined housetop. However, PC can be used to make, cylindrical domed roofs, arc roof, roof and other kinds of circular arch. This will help built so many PC circular structure, and the glass is not possible.

the sound insulation of the PC board

PC is a kind of high-quality sound insulation materials. As a result, the PC can bring transparency, but also can protect privacy. This extraordinary qualities make the PC as a ideal material used as interior partition, need especially in the visibility but we have to maintain communication privacy in the office.

PC board visual appeal

PC has a variety of color and texture, which is why they can be selected for matching or compared to the rest of the structure. This helps to make the roof of colour profusion, and even complete PC structure, such as greenhouse, greenhouse, airports and shopping center.

as a result of the PC board several advantages, you can know the material used in a variety of applications. So, what is your application? Do you want to build a transparent roof, structure, or a partition? PC board should be your ideal choice.
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