What are the purposes to endurance plate?

by:GWX     2020-09-03
Speaking of awnings canopy believes everyone not unfamiliar, awnings canopy design also is varied, material also different, use time life is different also, such as steel structure awnings canopy awnings, glass canopy, such as aluminum alloy plate canopy awnings endurance, endurance plate awnings canopy adopted by most of people use, the main is widely used in the greenhouse, keep out the wind, hail, snow disasters, compared with the plastic film before, it will not cause environmental pollution. It in addition to used in the greenhouse, endurance plate what purpose?
endurance plate awnings canopy advantage lies in:

1. Flame retardant, built after the detection belongs to the flame retardant engineering materials;

2. Greenhouse ability under various corrosion type chemicals;

3. Good temperature resistance, 40 degrees Celsius below zero to 120 degrees can maintain stability of the various physical performance index;

4. Good permeability, light surface with uv protection layer, outdoor weatherability good;

5. Can prevent unnecessary loss in the transport, installation rupture and damage, safety and easy to carry, installation, can cut down the cost of installation.

for many companies, awnings canopy endurance plate 3 years, 5 years and 10 years of shelf life, high no more than 10 years, this is PC material. Most enterprises pay attention to is its use of advantages, the disadvantages are those?

endurance plate awnings canopy faults mainly include:

1. Transportation is not very convenient;

2. The installation is more troublesome.

3. Self-cleaning performance is poor. This is also in the installation will bring some inconvenience. But overall is still popular.
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