What are the sunshine board used for?

by:GWX     2020-08-25

USES what? Some customers just contact to did not understand, so when have intention to use the will search on the Internet: USES what is? Sunshine board manufacturer to answer for you.

the product scope of application:

1, the pedestrian subway, the station entrance, hallways, sunshade skylight canopy ( The good pervious to light) ;

2, office building, department store building, villas, schools, hospitals, entertainment, stadiums, industrial workshop, warehouse and utilities the daylighting of the ceiling, The good pervious to light) ;

3 home residential lighting, parking lot, sheds, block rain canopy and half-way house roof tent ( polycarbonate solid sheet uv) ;

4 agricultural greenhouse, home garden sunlight greenhouse, and breeding canopy ( The energy-saving sex good, prevent dewing) ;

5, home balcony, such as office space partition ( The sound insulation sex) ;

6, commercial buildings, both inside and outside decoration, modern city building curtain wall, The sound insulation sex) ;

7 plants, agricultural greenhouse, green ecological restaurant, flower market and large exhibition greenhouse covering light ( The good pervious to light) 。

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