What did the PC board 'charm'

by:GWX     2020-08-27
For all the buildings, cannot leave to the indoor heating or cooling, in order to get comfortable room temperature environment. However, this not only need to consume large amounts of electric energy and fossil energy, but also will produce large amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, which cause harm to the environment. Based on energy saving and environmental protection requirements, some of the new building structure is the emerging in the construction field around the world. The new building with the use of high-quality PC board, not only effectively enhance the energy efficiency of buildings, and significantly reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases. Double PC board, of course, PC plate as green building efficient solutions, breed is various, multilayer, a variety of types such as solid and corrugated, each type has a unique effect of energy conservation and environmental protection. Multilayer PC board the board generally contain special UV protection layer, using co-extrusion processing technology, make the UV protective coating evenly and permanent and plate together, so that the UV protection plate can effectively prevent the weathering. Heat transfer coefficient of the multilayer PC board is 2. 76 w/m squared K, compared with the traditional plate can make the building to save up to 25% of the energy costs. Because of light weight, the weight of every square metre is only 1. 6 kg, therefore can be easily installed in the light of the underlying structure of the large surface. At the same time, good cold bending property ensures that the multilayer PC board can easily adapt to circular roof and tunnel type. Especially suitable for tunnel type roof, industrial buildings, sports facilities, greenhouse and swimming pool and other buildings. Solid PC board the plank can bear the load of high, enough to resist impact from external force such as heavy snow or hail. Not only that, this kind of multi-functional building board also has the very high fire rating it one by one in accordance with DIN 4102 B1 level, and EN 13501 - B S1 and d0 standards. After by coated with special functional coatings, solid PC board can prevent heat loss and heat accumulation. No matter in where, solid PC sheet can ensure that buildings have always comfortable indoor temperature. Corrugated PC board the insulation performance of the plate was 15% higher than the traditional building materials. The heat transfer coefficient is 1. 2 w/m squared K, if used in greenhouse, each year for every square metre roof can save about 2 l of fuel oil, or 2. After 5 m of natural gas. And special structure of corrugated PC board to ensure the robustness of its special and good ability of resistance to load - — Even if the big rain and snow load will not affect the stability of the roof. In addition to its light weight and excellent impact resistance, the plank of another big advantage is that it does not require a large structure, at the bottom of this for architects to design more complex and delicate modelling provided convenience. Especially suitable for industrial buildings, indoor sports venues, solarium, and other structures of transparent or translucent sheet. No matter what type of PC board, all have excellent temperature resistance, even to be able to adapt to the tropical heat and cold and the arctic climate. Light weight and they can under the lighter structural support, cover the large area of the surface of the building. In addition, the PC board also extremely easy to do mechanical processing, can be sawing, drilling and grinding, and has excellent cold bending performance. Believe that under the constant progress of PC board technology, the construction industry will usher in a new era of sustainable development in an all-round way.
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