What is the advantage of PC endurance plate products?

by:GWX     2020-09-01

the advantages of a PC board products endurance plate ( Also known as PC boards, polycarbonate, solid plate, bulletproof glass, takashi kapoor, solid sheet and polycarbonate board, aerial perspective) Is a high-performance engineering plastics polycarbonate or carbon - - - - - Acid ester and features: resistance to impact, not broken, the intensity of hundreds of times more than tempered glass, acrylic board, strong security, anti-theft, bulletproof effect is best. Arch, flexible, good workability, high plasticity, can according to the site actual need, bending arched, semicircle style, etc. Material is qualitative light, easy to carry, the weight and glass half, only handling the installation time, convenient construction management easy. Weatherability, daylighting, can be long term resistance to ultraviolet radiation, daylighting effect is excellent, can save a lot of overhead section sources. PC modification to acid and alkali resistant, need to add that special agent uv ability to age.
the advantages of PC board products

1, impact resistance, endurance plate up to a maximum of 3 kg/cm, the impact of the PC board hundreds of impact strength is common glass, is acrylic dozens of times, 2 times that of toughened glass, there is little risk of fracture. The following two meters with 3 kg hammer drop no crack, there are 'no broken glass' and the 'ring of steel' laudatory name.

2, pervious to light, daylighting is good, high light transmittance, and the transparency can be equivalent to that of glass. The sunlight will not produce yellowing and atomization.

3, weather resistance, surface with uv co-extrusion layer, can prevent the sun's rays resin fatigue caused by ultraviolet light yellow. Surface co-extrusion layer with chemical absorption and translated into visible light, ultraviolet ray have good stable effect on plant photosynthesis.

4, flame resistance, endurance plate itself is not spontaneous combustion with self-extinguishing. And strict compliance with the eu ROHS directive UL safety standards. Ignition point is 580 degrees Celsius, PC board itself from the self-extinguishing fire, burning will not produce poisonous gas, don't feed the fire from spreading.
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