What is the advantage of PC film?

by:GWX     2020-09-26
In recent years, the PC film is closely related to our daily life. Many PC film to replace the products in our page, then what is the advantage of PC board, to love you so? Follow below small make up together to get to know next!

a, light stability, but not resistant to ultraviolet light, good cold resistance to oil, acid, alkali resistant, oxidizing acid, ketone and amine, soluble in chlorinated hydrocarbons and aromatic solvents, easy cause hydrolysis and cracking in the water for a long time, the disadvantage is that because of the fatigue strength is poor, prone to stress cracking, the solvent resistance is poor, poor wear resistance. We mainly produce the PC film and PC sheet, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Looking forward to your visit.

2, has excellent physical and mechanical properties.

3, excellent impact resistance, high tensile strength, bending strength, compression strength, creep is small, the size stability.

4, 125 degrees has good heat resistance and low temperature resistance of 45 degrees below zero, in relatively wide temperature range has the stable mechanical properties, dimensional stability, electrical properties and flame retardancy, can be in - Long-term use under 60 ~ 120 ℃; No obvious melting point, in 220 - 230 ℃ in molten state, due to the molecular chain rigidity, resin melt viscosity.

5, bibulous rate is small, small shrinkage rate, high dimensional accuracy, good dimensional stability, membrane permeability is small, self-extinguishing materials.
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