What is the advantage PC endurance plate canopy?

by:GWX     2020-09-02

residential area environment affect our life, now the green environmental protection consciousness also increased, for underground parking entrance canopy has a new pursuit, such as production materials to the environmental protection, appearance is close to the residential environment, more beautiful and strong.
now a lot of materials of canopy, so should choose what kind of PC board? Now from the aspects of structures, and the cost is more suitable for building materials PC endurance plate, why do you say so?

let's go to have a look at the structures, the advantage of PC endurance plate canopy.

first, first under canopy material, build the canopy certainly cannot change frequently, so want to choose high quality materials to ensure the service life, the service life of various kinds of material PC endurance plate have 5 years warranty, 10 years quality assurance, the service life is incomparable to other materials, you can choose according to different environment to determine the appropriate PC endurance plate fixed number of year of the warranty.

in the second place, from the use value into consideration, the product can't withstand the wind hail the awning, security is no guarantee, and organic glass awning for brittle material, easy to burst, rain effect is also not line, stainless steel awning exist noise is bigger when it rains, and the shortcomings of high cost, compared with those of other materials underground entrance canopy adopts PC endurance plate is the most appropriate.

third, from the aspects of design consideration, other materials structures, such as the shape of a single, impact resistance, endurance and PC can be arch, flexible, good processability, and the advantages of high plasticity, so the PC endurance plate canopy can build different shapes according to the reasonable design.

underground parking export is the symbolic buildings in every community, so installing a namely beautiful practical canopy is necessary.

PC endurance plate is widely used now, not just only in the field of canopy, it is also applied to agricultural greenhouses, breeding greenhouses, greenhouses, industrial plant flowers shed, bike shed, car tent, YuDa, swimming pool ceiling, highway noise barriers, etc. , so underground parking export chooses PC endurance plate canopy, certainly can't be wrong, oh.
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