What is the application PC sunshine board in a greenhouse?

by:GWX     2020-08-25
PC we all won't be a stranger, because there is no life in everywhere can see it in the 'shadow'. Carport, canopy, billboard, civilian facilities, commercial buildings, industrial buildings, and so on are made using . PC combined greenhouse greenhouses, also known as garden greenhouse, using high quality PC as a plate, aluminum alloy have been assembled as a framework. Small garden greenhouse light and practical, widely used at courtyard, building roof, balcony, enjoy the flowers and plants, small appeal of crop breeding. With the improvement of the quality of life, green courtyard garden supplies more and more get the favour of modern people. PC board sunshine greenhouse small greenhouse features: 1. Greenhouse generally smaller families. Domestic greenhouse area 10 - from 2 ㎡ 20 ㎡. Size is generally 60 cm to 4 m wide, high greenhouse column 1. 7 m to 2. 2 m, 2. 4 m or so. The length of the greenhouse according to user requirements design in general. 2. Beautiful shape, firm contracted, daylighting is good performance, strong weatherability, simple in structure, unique, heat preservation and heat insulation, easy assembly, easy to use, can generally according to customer demand for processing. Because domestic greenhouse generally appear in the bedroom, garden, villa, hotel, garden, park and other places, therefore, according to different places to design the corresponding suitable greenhouse structure has important significance. 3. Tear open outfit and convenient transportation. This greenhouse structural design and manufacturing complex, assembly period is long, the human cost higher form into sharp contrast. Transportation are convenient, thanks to its smaller structures. PC small greenhouse greenhouses, can become you to grow and the winter in home of high level small greenhouse in appearance, can decorate the sun room, and become the first choice for your leisure. About sun plate cleaning, remember can't use the brush to brush, it will scratch the sunlight UV ultraviolet layer of protective film on the surface of the plate. When wiping should choose the best sponge or soft cloth, finally rinse immediately with water. Sunshine board regular cleaning, life could be extended by a couple of years.
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