What is the difference between PC board and endurance plate?

by:GWX     2020-09-02
Polycarbonate plate is the full name of the PC board, PC board and PC hollow board ( The sunshine board) And PC solid sheet ( Endurance plate) , so endurance board and PC board is not a kind of product, endurance plate is not equal to the PC board. The following detailed introduction of endurance plate custom problem and need to know.
1。 Endurance plate width of custom, the endurance plate production width is 0 mm to 2100 mm.

2。 Endurance plate custom-made length, the endurance plate online shortest length is 500 mm, the longest the theoretical value is infinite, but considering the actual installation limits and transport restrictions, the board that is less than 5 mm coil generally do 30000 mm, the thickness of the smaller length can be increased, the endurance of greater than 5 mm plate within 6000 mm sheet, do you usually do with the increase of the thickness of the plate length should be reduced accordingly.

3。 Endurance plate's thickness, the endurance plate production thickness of 0. 8毫米~ 20毫米,0。 Belongs to endurance plate chip 8 mm ~ 2 mm, 2 mm to 10 mm belongs to universal endurance plate applies to all areas of the endurance plate use, more than 10 mm plate belongs to super thick endurance.

4。 Endurance plate color, endurance plate commonly used color is white stamina plate, transparent, endurance, ivory, lake blue, blue, dark brown, green, the recent market is emerging again yellow, orange, orange, red, silver, black, etc.

5。 The introduction of minimum quantity (about endurance plate Endurance plate thickness of the weight of per square = * 1. 2) , transparent, lake blue endurance plate is the most commonly used color minimum quantity is 300 kg, other commonly used color is the minimum quantity of an order for a meal, emerging color and special custom color the minimum quantity of an order for 3 tons.

6. Other heterosexual plank of customization, other straight plate or on the production line can't complete the cutting board, all need to offline secondary processing, common processing methods have cutting, carving, cold bending, hot bending, blister, roller, etc.

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