What is the distinguishing feature of endurance plate and function?

by:GWX     2020-09-03

the board that is a common, because have a lot of its characteristics by the welcome of people. Today let us know its characteristics and specific role in the life.

( 1) What is the distinguishing feature of endurance plate? The characteristics of the

or more. The first is impact resistant ability. Can reach more than 250 times the strength of the glass, relative to other types of material is more durable, and the price will be relatively cheap many. 。 The second is the light transmittance is stronger. The light can get through well, relatively more effective compared with steel. For needs to receive light scene is very appropriate. The last is the resistance to high temperature, cold. Can bear the high temperature of minus 40 degrees and 120 above, so is suitable for a lot of places.
( 2) Endurance plate can be used in what place?

can use way too many. The first is the carport. This material can be made into canopy, carport and greenhouses scene, can achieve very good waterproof effect. The second is to partition. It can be made into all kinds of indoor partition, can bear high pressure, so the link for use in decorating, etc. Finally is the publicity materials. Many enterprises are now the need for outdoor advertising, the use of this material can achieve very good publicity exhibition board production effect.
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