What is the fire endurance plate performance

by:GWX     2020-09-02
Fire endurance plate performance,
endurance level flame retardant PC board: this series product surface luster, good heat resistance, self-extinguishing, excellent impact resistance, smaller expansion coefficient, size stability, excellent electric properties and chemical resistance, good resistance to fatigue strength, and strict compliance with the eu ROHS directive UL safety standards, UL94 fire rating reached levels where V0, V2, HB, widely used in electronic components, electrical shell, switch panel, junction box and charger shell, automobile instrument and there is a requirement for flame retardant panel printing, etc.

flame resistance: PC endurance plate itself is not spontaneous combustion with self-extinguishing. Fireproof performance endurance plate itself is very good, in the flame burning fiercely, PC board can melt, but won't aggravate stretching and spread of flame of fire burning, once be removed as a direct result of the burning flame, condensed and temporary line it will immediately go out. When direct heat source has been removed, it will be agile cohesion.

drop will not melt under other ignition of combustible material, because of their own is essentially not burn. Smoke and heat evacuation: actual full burning, when PC board showing in the cabin in the fury of the fire burning, it will arrive at the temperature 150 - Automatic softening when 160 degrees Celsius, and can produce holes in daylighting window, so that you can make the smoke and heat out from here to low the temperature inside the cabin and driven person choking smoke dissipates.
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