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What is the main reason for cracking of polycarbonate sheet?

What is the main reason for cracking of polycarbonate sheet?



PC sheet is a kind of building material with good performance. PC standard sheet can be used for heat insulation, sound insulation, ultraviolet protection and so on. But when we use the actual sheet metal, we will find that stress cracking is easy to occur. What's the matter? What can be done? As a professional manufacturer of high quality PC sheets, Guo Weixing came to talk about his views.


Guo Weixing believes that the phenomenon of stress cracking in PCs is mainly determined by the structure and properties of PC. Because when we co-extrude PC sheets, the molecular chains will be forced to align, and because of the benzene ring on the polycarbonate molecular chains, the reorientation will become more difficult. So after forming, the aligned chain may return to the natural state, but because the whole molecular chain has been frozen and the macromolecular chain has been controlled by each other, there will be residual stress in the product, which eventually leads to the possibility of stress cracking in the product of PC sheet.


However, this is not absolute, because there are many different forces in polycarbonate, such as cracking resistance. The length of the molecular chain, the number of entanglements between the chains, and the force between the convergence of the molecules are all the key factors to determine the size of the force chain. Therefore, as long as the cracking resistance and internal stress are balanced, the cracking phenomenon of PC board will not occur.


How can the cracking resistance and internal stress be balanced? It is necessary to raise the die temperature of the PC sheet, because the higher the die temperature, the easier the molecular chain will move, which is conducive to the relaxation of oriented molecules in polycarbonate. Through the test, the optimum temperature of the PC sheet mould is controlled at about one hundred to one hundred and twenty degrees.


It can be seen that the stress cracking of PC endurance plate is not an unavoidable problem, as long as the relationship between several forces is controlled as far as possible in the process of production and processing of PC plate.


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