What is the mode construction of the PC board?

by:GWX     2020-09-23
PC sunshine board construction way
one article, vulcanized rubber sealing way: article a decorated with two rubber, vulcanized rubber strip negative edge will be inserted aluminum decorative strips in the concave groove, then inserted after aluminum decorative article on two seams endurance plate ( Pay attention to two of endurance plate in the middle to embed clearance, for endurance plate heat cold empty interior space) , and then put the drlling screw on the decorative article stationary, if further sealing, on both sides of the article in adornment neutral silicone glue again.

2, waterproof tape sealing mode: solve waterproof adhesive surface maintenance paper paste immediately in the endurance plate outlet, then pressed with decorations in drlling screw stationary can, other process with the same way.

3. Before installation to ensure that the framework of the whole peaceful and clean;

4. First check the board to cut out specifications and peng is embedded quantity standard, to need to pay attention to take plenty of symmetrical frame up space, calculation method for the following: total = peng rising gap before and after the thermal expansion coefficient by local installation about the larger temperature difference by plate length coefficient of thermal expansion for 7. 0×10- 5 mm/mm. K

5. Plate to heat the cold index and support structure, and leave a capacity to bear pressure, snow load, etc. , therefore in quantity to embed enough, and its interior space heat from the cold. General plate edge into stationary architecture above 25 mm, and at least two reinforced rib installation fixed region; Heat from the cold general leave 3 mm per metre clearance;

6. To recognize plate surface a sheltered side of ultraviolet ray, and referring to the outside surface installation, must not be allowed to keep out ultraviolet side took the installation;

7. In the mounting plate, the plate is covered by a protective film on the harms of joint sealant and plate, therefore before installation of protective film uncovered the area around the board only 5 ~ 251080 x, don't let the aluminum hold protective film, but also can't reveal too much, in case of damage to the surface by actual operation; Note: some workers put the protective film on aluminum in actual operation, the subsequent delimit with sharp special tools to uncover, but often scratch on the surface of sheet caused destruction;

eight. Hollow slab is cold drawn under the condition of installation, the bending radius shall not lower than plate is 175 times of its thickness;
9. Hollow slab was only along the rib steel bearing bending;

10. To skew hollow plate installation should be along the rib steel bearing, is beneficial to the condensate to export;

11. Like to be on board immediately fixed tapping the nail drill, drilling, all punch diameter should exceed the anchor bolt diameter, the heat from the cold empty space; So when material plate punching, diameter should be 50% larger than the diameter of a screw, the bending part to prevent the lock screw, prevent lead to crack;

12. Self-drilling screws tightened hard to trim, sealing strip and plate to ensure real solid aluminum window;

13. Total porosity should be neutral sealant filled, and the neutralization sealant adhesive Shanghai juji part exposed to avoid cleaning fluid infiltration to the edge, to avoid delay cracking; When found that installing a drawback, is likely to result from the location of the leaking sealant to fill in many aspects. Use sealant to use dry solid remains soft, low displacement coefficient, tensile strength, more than 50% of the neutralization corrosion resistance silicone sealant, glue before must make aluminum and plate surface clean and dry, ensure no oil stain, dust, vapor, small dew and dirt, glue to symmetry, glue surface bright and clean, cross sectional specification is consistent and there shall be no interruption conditions; Note that the application of neutralization sealants and plate early intermiscibility experiment, in order to prevent and plate to produce chemical changes;

fourteen. The management center to plate edge interval hole should be higher than or equal to 125 px;

15. Ban on foot pedal board face plate to install the process, is required for a practical application beyond the board just can move footrest;

16. PC board cutting length as far as possible more than the total width can only be bent;

17. Plate installed protective film off immediately after the regulations and special requirements for maintaining the surface as a result of engineering construction, also must first off protective film, then covered again;

18. Plate installed should be carried out after inspection, use your heart flowing experiment, examine whether ooze water, if there is water seepage safety shall be immediately removed, then check the appearance quality;
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