What is the PC board ultraviolet UV resistant material?

by:GWX     2020-08-27
There are often some ( To understand the PC board one and a half qing chu) Customer asked me: your sunshine board with what material production? G ( Weight) How much is? How thick the UV coating? Plate thickness foot 8 mm? And so on. 。 。 。 。 。 I tell you, the problem of high-grade board are not much meaning, the board that we do has always been sufficient thickness, can the micrometer to verify. Like you to stick the car windscreen sunscreen film, you go and ask the full thickness of, what material production, and the proportion of what is, in fact all does not make sense, since it is prevented bask in membrane is the key to fast. As light tent material fast aging is the key, also is what kind of ultraviolet ray absorber is the key. What kind of material production, tell your PC and you get what information; What proportion, pure PC value how many money, as much to the production of heavy, how much meaning; PC hollow board is a space from the middle, are very superficial foot less than 8 mm; Is meaningful for high-grade board real problem is that the UV, but the market and how many customers really understand what is the UV, role. So you are not concerned about the thickness of the hollow and weight, and only know what don't know what type of material production, know stainless steel but did not know there are 201 #, 304 #. Low sunshine board generally do not add UV layer, how to ask do ultraviolet absorption? Dealers actually don't understand most of the PC ultraviolet UV resistant, so many manufacturers can only take meaningless topic fool you, then you get fool by others adept topic to show you. PC sunshine board according to the production of material points to to the following categories: 1, poor regeneration recycle material, produce of sunshine board by weight conversion price in market, sales is more than the price war; 2, new old material with do, give yourself a chance to increase, only manufacturers themselves know how to match the new material, purpose is to discuss price can be appropriate to the space; 3, cheap new material, can say loudly in front of the customer one hundred percent new material, yes; But what what brand company which country is the production of material only manufacturers. This kind of material to produce PC sunshine board generally conversion price by weight; 4, it is a good brand and brand ( Is equivalent to the same stainless steel: 201 # and 304 #, price difference is very big. 5, choose a good brand, plus PC anti ultraviolet UV coating co-extrusion, then produce sunshine board available at least 10 years, why can't the plate quotation, by weight, because the cost of UV is both PC board thickness of sunshine, but according to the area of co-extrusion.
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