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What should I pay attention to when installing the polycarbonate solid sheet?

What should I pay attention to when installing the polycarbonate solid sheet?


Generally speaking, there are text descriptions and precautions printed on the protective film of polycarbonate solid sheet products. This is very important. We must pay attention to the precautions of installing polycarbonate solid sheet.

polycarbonate solid sheet

During the polycarbonate solid sheet installation process, we first transported the board to the installation position, peeled off the protective film on the bottom of the first board and positioned it with the marking cover, and then removed the protective film on the bottom of the second board, positioned with the marking cover, Waterproof tape is attached to the seam of the two boards, and the tape is pressed on top of the waterproof tape.

   Precautions for installing polycarbonate solid sheet

Screw installation method

If the screw installation method is adopted, the screw spacing can be reasonably configured according to the thickness of the board. Too small or too large is not good. If the distance is too small, it will sometimes cause stress and damage due to over-tightening; if the distance is too large, the PC solar panel will be unstable.

In addition, there must be space in the cavities that connect the profiles or frames so that the panels can expand and displace under load. The maximum coefficient of thermal expansion of pc solar panel is 0.065m / m ℃, that is to say, each time the temperature rises by 1 ℃, a PC solar panel of 1m × 1m will appear to expand 0.065mm along the length. The user must calculate the installation gap data based on the temperature difference between the four seasons of the project site: for example, in the northern region, the maximum temperature is 40 ° C and the minimum temperature is -30 ° C. When a 1m × 1m panel is installed, we reserve it The gaps are often around 0.065 × 70 = 4.55 mm.

Wet assembly

The wet assembly method is generally applied to the installation of relatively small facilities, such as our common sunshades and so on. If this method is adopted, we must meet its basic requirements, that is, for the sealing system, it should be able to guarantee a certain amount of movement of the board, and allow thermal expansion, and there will be no reduction of the polycarbonate solid sheet and the combined frame Degree of adhesion.

When laying, we recommend using some relatively neutral silicone adhesives and some high-strength EPDM adhesives for installation. However, during the installation process, we need to pay attention to the chemistry of the sealant before use. Performance absolutely does not allow the selection of acid-base silicone adhesive, it is easy to crack for the chemical adhesive that has been solidified, especially if there is internal stress, so when we choose the sealant, In addition to considering the environmental suitability of chemistry, attention must also be paid to inspection, elongation, and weather resistance.

the cleaning method

Due to the shortcomings of pc solar panels such as acid resistance, alkali resistance, and scratch resistance, cleaning needs more attention. In the process of use, if you want to clean, we must ensure that the warm water used is below 60 ° C, and when used, ensure that the cleaning agent used is a neutral detergent, and that it is not used, which will cause corrosion to the polycarbonate solid sheet. Acid-base cleaner. Finally, we also need to use a soft dry cloth or sponge to wipe gently with a neutral liquid. Do not use dry coarse cloths and hard tools such as brushes for cleaning.

Points for storing polycarbonate solid sheet

1. Keep the polycarbonate solid sheet in a cool, scattered, dry, dust-free warehouse. Do not expose the sunshine board to rain and sunlight.

2. When stacking, it is best not to exceed 2 meters in height. Do not place heavy objects on the sun board.

3. The sun board has a UV-resistant base treatment: it is best to install a UV-resistant layer to reflect sunlight when installing.

4. Do not remove the protective film during installation.

5. Prevent the appearance of the board from being scratched with sharp tools, and fix and cut the board directly with nails, which needs to be smooth.

6. Do not mix with corrosive substances such as alkali, alkali, amine, ketone, ether.

7. During cold bending, the bending deviation cannot be perpendicular to the rib target of the polycarbonate solid sheet.

8. Retractable space should be reserved during installation.

9. Edge sealing after installation of polycarbonate solid sheet can effectively improve the life of polycarbonate solid sheet.

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