What should you do when endurance plate installation?

by:GWX     2020-09-04

endurance plate has been building was very be seen in the field of a kind of decoration material, compared with the traditional plank, endurance plate performance characteristics and application scope, all showed a greater advantage, so we would be so popular.
endurance plate in actual use process in addition to show the strong impact resistance, and good flame retardancy, alone some of these will greatly convenient for people in daily life and work. Its role in, of course, these are built on endurance plate based on the correct installation.
endurance plate fracture occur sometimes, it is also because caused by installation error, in order to avoid this situation, the endurance plate when installation to must do the first guide hole processing, any better before it firmly in place. And endurance plate produced by pore size must be bigger than six to nine millimeter, so it can prevent the phenomena of heat from the cold may arise in the future.
when the endurance plate and steel plate in the longitudinal lap, endurance between plate and its must want to have a stack of about two hundred millimeters, moreover also must be based on two water stop, to prevent the leakage of endurance plate in the future use.
at the time of endurance plate, washer and don't forget to excellent properties, make its in between endurance plate and screws, so as to have the effect of sealing and dustproof. But note that when the water gasket set into the screw inside must as far as possible to use electric drill to lock into the purlin, and completely fixed.
endurance plate in the process of installation, in the horizontal position to prevent a small antiskid template, this installation personnel stepped on the foot would have to play a fixed role, at the same time it can avoid endurance plate so and deformation and cracking phenomenon.
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