What will affect the endurance plate light?

by:GWX     2020-09-03
There are many factors that can influence the endurance plate of pervious to light, and the main factors are divided into the following four aspects. Explain below small make up to you what the main four factors affecting the endurance plate pervious to light:
the influencing factors of endurance plate light
the used in the production endurance plate, source material, the new polycarbonate material with polycarbonate solid wastes to produce light transmittance are obviously different, new endurance plate crystal clear high light transmittance, no impurities and waste material endurance plate light transmittance is poor and the colour and lustre is dim;

2, endurance plate color, transparent endurance plate light transmittance is very high, the deeper the color light transmittance is relatively lower;

3, endurance plate thickness, the greater the thickness of light transmittance is relatively a little less;

4, the production process, has advanced production equipment brand manufacturers to endurance than small workshops for the panel light transmittance is much better.
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