What will cause the endurance plate color deviation?

by:GWX     2020-09-05
We all know is often simple, endurance plate and sunshine board as there are all sorts of different color, the color of the common is transparent, green, blue, milky white, dark brown, and so on. Use more customers will find, in fact, different manufacturers, production of the same color endurance plate also has a bigger deviation.
with ivory endurance plate, sheet some manufacturer to produce mild milky white, some manufacturer to produce plate is dark or take some other colors. Many customers buy the endurance of the same color board and sunshine board, also has the very big difference, this is what reason is caused?
in fact, the endurance plate and light plate of different colors and use different manufacturer of masterbatch on raw materials, produced after the board that will have the same color of color deviation. In addition, is the manufacturer's technical level to determine the degree of the color difference.
endurance plate color deviation more or small manufacturers, because the factory production of plank rarely use new materials, and recycled materials have mostly been through other material manufacturers sell back, mixed too much raw material suppliers of products, plank color deviation caused by larger and larger.
and the manufacturer does not have its own raw material formula, also is the main cause of color deviation, so how many colors of endurance plate deviation, the key is to choose a regular and reliable large endurance plate manufacturers have a guarantee.
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