When buying a PC board, how to discern between true and false?

by:GWX     2020-09-24
PC board is often seen in terms of building products, it has brought a lot of convenient place for us, so we buy PC board how to discern between true and false? Follow below small make up together to get to know next!

1, the commodity packaging
designer goods brand, is the right of printing company, have a fixed color and pictures, and overprint precision, good gloss. And the trademarks counterfeit goods, are a few small printing plant ego or copy without permission. The process is very rough, just look carefully is not difficult to know the other.

2, look at the quality of the
from the manufacturer of famous brand goods quality control is strict, unqualified goods are hard to mix the factory. Some criminals have counterfeit goods as famous brand goods defective or faulty goods, is deceptive. The counterfeit goods processed is very rough, quality is very low.

3, see stock origin usually, if not famous brand goods from its factory or on wholesale part into the goods, it should lead to alarm. , for example, on the basis of the relevant part to grasp the situation, fake bicycle mostly some villages and towns in henan province and the ego processed; Most counterfeit cigarettes from henan and anhui provinces stock; Fake watches are most from guangdong, zhejiang, fujian and other provinces to smuggling.
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